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What is the point of doing PvP when your opponents are Cheap Blade And Soul Gold twice your level? Sure, there has been an attempt to even the match, but they have way better abilities than me. I'm thinking I will pass on Arena PvP in BnS. Just sad..

I was waiting for this rofl. Honestly just level up and not play Arena or play to learn and not to win. Right now, you don't even get anything out of winning. There aren't even that many low levels pvping as well. As for why it's like this, I'm not sure but I don't mind it one bit. Getting 100-30'd by a 45 didn't make me upset at all today; instead I was like "ok I can't open like this anymore" or "hmm they get me when I got to slam them down/toss them up. Better rethink my next move". Arena PvP in BnS is one of the few mmos I can see going competitive here in NA so don't throw in the towel after a few bad rounds. Mind you, my BM was something like 13w/41l during beta at level 28 (I started super early rofl) and my Destroyer is 11/15 atm at level 25.

I got killed in 2 hits lol. I think I'm beyond working on my technique. But you are probably right, it will probably get better when more people play, at least I hope so lol. I was lvl 15 and this person was level 37, so it was just kind of like, "well *cricket*". I think I will wait until there is some more news about it all later. I play plenty of competitive PvP games, this was not one of them lol. However, the open world PvP is fun. I enjoy fighting with people around my level, except when there are like 3 of them on me lol. But then I can just go on Faction chat and call for help. I'm not saying BnS PvP isn't fun or challenging, but the way arena is set up right now, it just isn't worth my time.

It's just how it is.


You go into pvp at your own means, nothing is going to be balanced perfectly. Besides you get the stats of a level 45, just not the skills.


People have killed level 45s with just level 20 characters, really depends how well you know the game, and your class, and also how well your opponent does.


Most likely a high level is going to win, but for me this doesn't trouble me, I reached gold as a lv 20 kung fu master, and those who know about the KFM realize at that elvel they have literally nothing, no cc chains, not much damage, pretty useless...but i still managed to beat a few lv 40-45's.


Keep playing -- pvp is designed for you to Buy Blade And Soul Gold exercise your class and learn it correctly for open world pvp, i wouldn't worry too much.

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By TamamShamoon
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